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Paddlepower and Adventure is registered to provide Kayaking, Open Canoeing, Rock Climbing (Single Pitch Crags), Abseiling (Single Pitch Crags), Gorge Scrambling, Hill Walking & Mountaineering.

Adventure Activities Licensing Authority,
Tel. 029 2075 5715
Canoeing, Kayaking and Mountaineering - Courses, Trips and Events:
Date Days Description Location Cost Spaces
Mon, 10 Nov 141.0Hill Day with NavigationArrochar Alps60YES
Mon, 17 Nov 141.0Hill Day with NavigationBeinn an Dothaidh and Ben Dorain60YES
Tue, 18 Nov 141.0Hill Day with NavigationBen Nevis60YES
Wed, 19 Nov 141.0Hill Day with NavigationBidean Nam Bian - Glencoe60YES
Thu, 20 Nov 141.0Hill Day with NavigationBen Lui60YES
Thu, 04 Dec 141.0Basic Hill NavigationLuss Hills60YES
Mon, 05 Jan 151.0Winter Hillwalking SkillsGlencoe80YES
Wed, 07 Jan 151.0Winter Hillwalking SkillsGlencoe80YES
Sat, 10 Jan 151.0Winter Hillwalking SkillsGlencoe80YES
Mon, 12 Jan 151.0Winter Hill Day With SkillsGlencoe80YES
Sat, 17 Jan 151.0Winter Hillwalking SkillsGlencoe80YES
Thu, 22 Jan 151.0Winter Hill Day With NavigationGlencoe80YES
Sat, 24 Jan 151.0Winter Hillwalking SkillsGlencoe80YES
Fri, 24 Oct 140.5Intro To Kayaking - amLuss, Loch Lomond40YES
Sun, 18 Jan 151.0Intro To Kayaking - pmLuss, Loch Lomond40YES
  Open Canoeing   
Thu, 06 Nov 140.5Intro To Solo Open Canoeing - amLuss, Loch Lomond40YES
Fri, 07 Nov 140.5Intro To Tandem Open Canoeing - amLuss, Loch Lomond40YES
Sun, 09 Nov 140.5Intro To Tandem Open Canoeing - pmLuss40YES
Fri, 16 Jan 151.0Intro To Tandem Open Canoeing - amLuss, Loch Lomond40YES
Mon, 19 Jan 151.0Intro To Tandem White Water Open CanoeingRiver Tay80YES
Wed, 28 Jan 151.0White Water Solo Open CanoeingRiver Tay80YES
  Personal Performance Awards   
Sat, 13 Dec 141.03 Star White Water KayakRiver Awe60YES
  Sea Kayaking   
Sun, 26 Oct 141.0Intro To Sea KayaksLuss, Loch Lomond60NO
Tue, 11 Nov 141.0Sea Kayak NavigationLargs60YES
Wed, 03 Dec 141.0Sea Kayak Safety and RescueTBC80YES
Sat, 06 Dec 140.5Sea Kayak Skills - amLuss, Loch Lomond40YES
Mon, 26 Jan 151.0Sea Kayak NavigationOban80YES
  White Water Kayaking   
Mon, 24 Nov 141.0Improver White Water KayakingRiver Awe60YES
Thu, 27 Nov 141.0Advanced White Water KayakingRiver Orchy60YES
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